Count your daily macronutrients requirement


This macro calculator is definitely a calculator for everyone, not only those who want to lose weight. There are some of us who want to maintain our weight and there are some others who want to gain weight. No matter what your weight goal is, you could use this calculator to discover your required daily macronutrients intake based on your weight goal.


  • Input your sex, height, weight, and age in their respective fields.
  • Choose your daily activity level.
  • Choose your weight goal.
  • If you chose to change weight, then you will have to input your target weight.
  • After that, choose your weight loss/gain pace.
  • And you get your result.


You will get a graphic visualization for your macronutrients daily intake amount week by week until your target weight can be achieved based on the pace you chose. The results are specific on the number of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in grams you should eat daily.

For more information about what macronutrients are, please read our articles on the nutrition category.

Macro Calculator


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