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A better version of Body Mass Index

What is Ponderal Index?

Ponderal Index, also known as Rohrer’s Index, can determine whether you are overweight, underweight, or just right, as the Body Mass Index does. You can use Ponderal Index Calculator to calculate your Ponderal Index score.

Still, PI has higher responsiveness and specificity than BMI, so PI calculation has more precise results. Certain conditions will result in errors if using the BMI equation. For example, a tall person whose height is 210 cm and whose weight is 120 kgs can be miscalculated as an obese person if using the BMI calculation method. Or if you are a short person, your BMI score may indicate that your weight is just right even if you actually need to lose some weight. Because of its preciseness, PI is also used in pediatrics care.

Let’s calculate our PI score using this free Ponderal Index Calculator.



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Ponderal Index Calculator

HOW TO USE: Determine who you want to score, an infant or neonate or an adult. And then input the height and weight. Viola! You get the result.

PI and BMI are not absolute health measurements as they cannot differentiate between lean body mass and fat mass. You can use this free Body Fat Calculator to know your body fat percentage.

There are many circumstances that determine a person’s health. Make sure you have an active lifestyle, exercise/workout frequently, get adequate sleep, and have healthy diets.