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How Much Body Fat Do You Have?

Why do we need to find out how much body fat we have and why should we use this body fat calculator? Come read along with me up to the end of this article to find your answers.

Maybe this short story looks familiar to you:

You know your height and weight. You calculate your BMI and your result is in the normal range. BUT how come you still feel something is not right? Why is your body shape still far from ideal?


Well, one of the answers is BMI score cannot tell you how much body fat you have. It cannot tell whether you are actually having a healthy weight or not, despite the fact that your weight is in the normal range according to your BMI score. You can read more about body fat in WEIGHT LOSS VS FAT LOSS

Are you curious about how much body fat you have? Anyway, let’s just go find out.



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Navy Body Fat Calculator

We will be using the US Navy Body Fat Calculator, which has very good precision and is one of the best body fat calculation methods. Here you can see that you do not need to input your weight for this calculation. That is why your BMI score cannot be your sole reference to know your healthy weight.


  1. Fill in your age and weight on their respective fields.
  2. Choose whether you are a male or a female.
  3. Measure your neck circumference just underneath the larynx or Adam’s apple.
  4. As for your waist circumference, it should be measure horizontally around the narrowest part of the abdomen for women and at the navel level for men.
  5. If you are a woman, you have to input your hip circumference. It should be measure at the widest part of the buttocks or hip.
  6. There it is, you get your body fat calculation result in percentage.

You can check the blog post aforementioned in the above section to see if your body fat percentage is healthy or not.